Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Momoberry Series Collection

Seriously i just love hello kitty so much that they had come out in so many different design different team, each of them are unique even though they look the same in faces...These are one of my favorite collection "Momoberry" it carry in style and fashion in USA and Japan, and i think US site had closed for these collection, for japan is still ongoing but it had produce in lesser....sadly.....

This momoberry bear doll is sew in a special material cloth and is a very rare item now.

This is a huge Momoberry plush which produce from USA, love her outfit...

Momoberry bear plush from Japan

This is a Halloween range in medium and small size plush.

Fashion cuteness

Ice cream range in Momoberry

Too sweet to resist

This is one of my favorite, love her big spect and most of all this was a present from my dad.

The suntan plush

Colorful fury plush

Too sweet to resist

These are the very rare one, which come in 4 different fashion cuteness....

Earring design

Sweet photo frame

Bobble head creamic

cute purse

Cosmetic pouch

These are key chain holder

small tote bag

Momoberry ring with blinking crystal

Sling bag come with a cute plush

Small tote bag and cosmetic pouch

Ice cream phone strap

Ceramic case

My Crazy Collection on Hello Kitty Pouch

These are my crazy collection on kitty pouch, i just love their design and different material, zip pouch, draw string pouch small or big sizes etc... Some are really cute and rare and some are colorful which i cannot resist....

Zip pouch

Small pouch

Zip flat pouch

Draw string pouch

Small draw string pouch

Mobile Phone pouch

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello kitty In Nurse Series Collection.

Hello kitty came into nurse series, as every year on 12th of May is Nurse Day in Japan, and they came out in kitty wearing in nurse dress as limited item to celebrate on Nurse Day. As i had collected a few of them and every year on 12th May i will not miss this special item too.......

Hello Kitty Surgeon

Kitty nurse collection