Friday, February 3, 2012

These are some of the item brought in Dec2011, almost forgot what have i brought.

Hello kitty X'mas collection from USA, love the gingerbread kitty.

Hello kitty IPad 2 zip pouch with special spongy for protection.

Hello kitty cute items brought from a good friend from Hong Kong, and i love the Ki-la-ra T-shirt.

Tokidoki collaborate Hello kitty in new series. Another collaborate items in Hello kitty x make a wish come true.

Hello kitty hood with gloves.

These item came in a very special event from Japan. Hello Kitty Art Exhibition, present from many famous artist kitty draw, and they have all these limited stuff selling at the event, in order to get these we need to purchase ticket for the exhibition.

These cute kitty come in collaboration with a shopping mall event, which they dress up as their staff uniform.

Hello kitty with Yakult.

This is a very special plush which make for Cervical Cancer Association for donation.

Special kitty plaster brought by a good friend from Switzerland.

Hello Kitty X One Piece

Hello kitty IPhone 4s casing come in fury pink and leopard prints.

Hello kitty from Holland Exhibition.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's been quite some times i had not undated my blog, it's so busy for the past month decoration and prepared for the Lunar New at last it's almost over, time to share some of my picture.

Happy Dragon Lunar New Year 2012

Hello kitty New Year decoration in all sorts of design and mostly in red as believe red is a auspicious color which will bring us good luck.

Hello kitty AngBao is a must have collection for me, every year they will come in different design.

2nd batch of kitty decoration, brought in last min.

Hello kitty in dragon pouch.

Hello kitty special 年糕 all the way from Hong Kong.

Cute kitty snack tray come in the right time for this occasion  and thank you to a friend which handmade kitty orange wrap with kitty cute ear and her red ribbon.

Cookies, candy, nuts and chocolate all these goodies which almost the same with every household, but still "a must have" for this special occasion.

Giant size 饺子. A tradition food in China which they handmade these for celebration during Lunar New Year.

Another auspicious dish 鱼生 for this special occasion, is a must have dish during LNY as it will bring fortune, prosperous and good luck.