Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello Kitty Rare Food Display

Is this real food? No, is just dummy but they look too real to tell right? These display set came from those Japanese food store which they display to show customers what is inside the ingredients, very interesting collection for me.

Cream wafer, very crispy taste good

Kitty milk biscuit

Green Tea bean cake
Hello Kitty Bento
Hello Kitty Bento
Hello Kitty Bento
Hello Kitty Bento
Kitty sweet custard

Hello Kitty In Collaboration

All these years hello kitty had been collaboration with many products in food, cosmetic and fashion. She had turn into a icon which many people love her, here are some of the items i have as some i had forgotten where it come from.....

Hello Kitty collaboration with Anni Sui this set only available 1000 pcs in Limited Edition.

Come with this set of jewel and it make kitty sparkle

Hello kitty x Glico plush and in limited Edition.

Hello kitty x BabyMilo

Another collaboration with Anni Sui in cosmetic

Hello kitty Collaboration with Bridgestone

Hello Kitty Collaboration with Samantha Thavasa

Hello Kitty Collaboration with Che Che

Hello kitty x Pink House

Hello Kitty x Microsoft

Hello Kitty x Cherie Dolce Limited Edition.

Hello Kitty x Swarovski

Hello Kitty collaboration with Friskies cat food Limited Edition.

Hello Kitty x Kirin Tea plush Limited Edition.

Hello Kitty collaboration with Glico plush come in 4 different color.

The Lavender Series From Hokkaido

The lavender bear series

The lavender girl series

This is one of my favorite lavender 2000

The beautiful glass and plate represent on lavender

Candy with beautiful packaging

The latest collection.

Hokkaido Bunny kitty Series

These are my Hokkaido Bunny Collection staring from year 2000, some of the item which i buy online or auction, and the very first bunny collection started on year 2000 series, the auction price can go crazy high up as that period this first series is the most beautiful and rare item. It really challenge me on the auction which i had to observe the high and low very day.....

2011 bunny collection

1st series bunny collection release on year 2000

2nd series release on 2001

3rd series release on 2002

All these are from 1st series, and i had a hard time for getting into a set to add in my collection.

4 series release 2003