Thursday, October 3, 2013

My crazy collection : Hello kitty Loots in Sept 2012.

When is my last post on kitty crazy....i think i stopped at Aug 2012.....hopefully can stop this crazy collection....but it seem addicted to it......
See....i buy again....and this round is from than i realize i had bought so much things

                                                                Kitty loots in Sept 2012

Bought this cute panda from SQ inflight...

This Hello kitty Wedding pineapple pastry is too AWESOME and yummy but it have to be consume before the expired date, too bad it did not touch down to Spore....... Love the box packaging and a beautiful paper bag.....

Hello kitty watch, my favorite collection.

Hello kitty Ki-la-la silver shine plush

Love this so much.....

This beautiful kitty bracelet come with a kitty pouch and beautiful box and paper bag, love it....thanks to my colleague for my birthday gift.

Hello kitty Silver bracelet, gifts from my colleague....

This is a very rare T-shirt i ever seen and i am lucky to found it in Taiwan Stay Real store, the design is unique and funky....

Hello kitty Sweets Cafe

Sweet little bottle

Bought till they present me a VIP card so i can shop more often..... ;)

Hello kitty mini perfume set from T3

Chocolate and biscuit

Kitty snack

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